Our Story

Cabera Foods

Welcome to our family owned business!

With a passion for promoting healthier living and a deep-rooted commitment to organic excellence, we take pride in offering a delectable array of organic frozen fruits.

As a family-run business led by owners Chad Almon and Belma Ramic, we have been on a remarkable journey for the past few years, dedicated to providing you with the finest organic products.

Our heart lies in sourcing directly from the bountiful lands of the Balkans and Europe, where the purest ingredients flourish. We believe in cultivating solid partnerships with our suppliers, ensuring that every product we bring to your table is not only of the highest quality but also sustainably and ethically sourced.

At Cabera Foods, we envision a world where nutritious and organic food is accessible to all, which is why we strive to offer our products at reasonable prices without compromising on their wholesome goodness. As you explore our diverse range of offerings, rest assured that each bite you take is a step towards nurturing your well-being and supporting a greener planet.

Join us in savoring the goodness of organic living and taste the difference that conscious choices can make. Together, let's embark on a journey of health, sustainability, and delicious flavors, hand in hand with Cabera Foods.


Providing Quality Delicious Foods: We are committed to offering the best organic products, carefully sourced and crafted to deliver flavorful and delicious experiences to our customers

Building Strong Partnerships: We value collaboration and aim to build lasting partnerships with suppliers, retailers, and customers. Together, we work for sustainable growth, fostering trust and loyalty within our organic family community.

Our promise

Fair Pricing: We strive to offer competitive and fair prices without compromising quality, ensuring that everyone can enjoy nature's goodness. We want to make quality organic food accessible to everyone.